Netflix’s ‘Easy’: Why You Need To Be Watching TV’s Sexiest New Show

Netflix’s new series Easy examines the relationships of a network of people in modern day Chicago. Light-hearted, funny and sometimes all-too realistic, it’s one of the best new TV shows to arrive on the streaming service in the last few months. From its killer cast to its compelling storylines, here’s why you should be watching it.

It’s totally real

In episode two, Chase (Kiersey Clemons) lies to her new girlfriend Jo (Jacqueline Toboni) about being a vegan and riding her bike to impress her. It’s obvious that’s going to catch up with her from the start, but who can’t relate to that foolish, well-intentioned move? We’ve all told a little white lie (or a big one) at the start of a relationship to make our new partner think we’re even greater. And then there’s the episode where Tom (Orlando Bloom) and Lucy (Malin Akerman) find out about Tinder and feel like they’ve missed out on a really big, important thing. Not wanting to be left out, they download the app and go searching for someone to spice up their relationship with, which is a move that should speak to everyone’s inner FOMO, whether you’re loved up or not.

You can dip in and out of the series

The series has been compared to films like New York, I Love You and Paris, Je T’aime because the characters across the whole series are all loosely linked (the babysitter in episode one takes centre stage in episode two, for example), but each episode acts as its own standalone story. That means it’s the perfect programme for dipping in and out of without fear of missing any huge plot twist. There’s also way less need to become a hermit if you walk in on your housemates watching an episode you’ve not reached yet and means you’re probably not gonna end up staying up all night because you can’t handle not knowing what happens next. A way more relaxing Netflix series than Stranger Things, basically.

It’s really, really sexy

Like, really sexy. It’s easily Netflix’s sexiest show yet, and, like Girls and Broad City, portrays a realistic vision of sex – that it’s messy, fun and complicated all at the same time. If you’re shy about watching people getting it on when other people are in the room, you have been warned – because it’s a show that centres on relationships in all their different forms, there is a lot of action within its eight episodes.

It’s got an excellent cast

The aforementioned Orlando Bloom is the show’s most famous cast member, but the quality of acting doesn’t suffer in the slightest. Model Emily Ratajkowski is excellent, as are Marc Maron, Dave Franco and Michael Chernus (who you’ll recognise as Piper’s brother in Orange Is The New Black). Kiersey Clemons is the best thing about the second episode and the likes of Brian Hieggelke, Jake Weber and Rebecca Spence all help make the show completely unmissable.

It’s the perfect thing to binge watch on a lazy Sunday

At only eight episodes long, it’s already shorter than most Netflix series. Each episode is only 30 minutes long, too, meaning you can watch the entire thing in four hours. When you can’t be bothered to move from your bed or the sofa, stick Easy on and you’ve got compelling, but easy viewing for one satisfying session. Maybe that’s what the titles all about. But then again, maybe not…