The 1975’s new album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’: Release date, tour dates and everything we know so far

They're not done yet

If you thought the 1975-fest was over, you’ve got another thing coming. Arguably the biggest band in the world right now, Matty Healy and co. are preparing another full-length for release early this year.

Titled ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, it’s set to follow last year’s ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ in forming the ‘Music For Cars’ “era”. Still with us? Alright, let us break it down.

Latest updates: 

  • An apparent leak seems to suggest that the album (or at least a single) will drop on 17th August.
  • Dirty Hit boss Jamie Oborne has given a lengthy new update about the release in a new interview
  • There’s been an apparent delay in the release of the LP’s first single (see the ‘Have we heard any songs from The 1975’s new album?’ section)

Is there a release date for The 1975’s new album?

‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ was initially slated for a May 2019 release, but more recent reports from the band’s manager Jamie Oborne suggest they’re going for a slightly more grand statement. “We wanted to hit June 1st 2019,” he tweeted during a fan Q&A session in October 2019, referencing the June 1 date that’s becoming intrinsic to 1975 lore. Don’t get too excited, though – “[we] have lots to do so we’ll see”, he added.

In a new interview, Dirty Hit boss Jamie Oborne has said that music from the new record will appear before the band’s appearance at Reading and Leeds and has told fans to expect “a natural first statement soon.”

He said: “The record is coming together. We’ve had this recording studio tour bus on the American tour which has been great for productivity…The boys have been constantly working. I can’t say exactly when it will come, there are a few elements coming together, but we will be releasing music before Reading.”

The plan of releasing music before Reading seems to be backed up by a new leak, which shows on Google that a release date of 17th August for new music is being planned.

Does the album have a title?

The title of the band’s second new record is, according to Healy, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. It follows last year’s ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, which together are part of the ‘Music For Cars’ era of the band – one which comprises two records.

Do we know what songs could feature on the tracklist?

A full tracklist has not yet been revealed, though Healy has been dropping snippets of info in interviews. So far we know of the following three tracks:

  • ‘The Birthday Party’
  • ‘Playing On My Mind’
  • ‘Frail State Of Mind’

How is it linked to ‘A Brief Inquiry…’?

This is where it gets slightly confusing. Despite touting both albums as the ‘Music For Cars’ era, Healy recently expressed his worry that they would be considered ‘intrinsically linked’, before assuring that wasn’t the case.

“My only fear is that because I’ve put this umbrella over both albums, they’ll be perceived as intrinsically connected,” he said in a Dazed interview, adding, “But that was never my intention; I’m just making records. I’ve gotta always want to be making my masterpiece. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

In addition, Healy told NME: “I’ve realised it’s never going to be a continuation or an association with ‘A Brief Inquiry’. It’s a completely different record. Six months now is the same as what three years was before. Think about the amount of shit that happens in six months’ time. It will be a different thing and a different time.”

Have we heard any songs from The 1975’s new album?

We’ve not heard a peep from ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ just yet. While the band’s manager Jamie Oborne said the first single from ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ will drop in February 2019, it seems that we’ll have to wait just a little longer.

The latest update suggests that new music will arrive in August.

Posting on Instagram, Matty Healy wrote: “I will start putting music out in August but I really don’t know when the whole album will be out/finished.”

Appearing on Beats 1 in February, Matty Healy confirmed that the track will arrive on May 31 (midnight June 1). However, in response to a fan asking about the single, Oborne said on May 12: “no new song on June 1st sorry”.

In another post, Oborne said that the song will “absolutely” be out before The 1975’s R&L headline shows, but added he’s “not sure” about the album.

It appears that ‘The Birthday Party’ could be the one to lead the record. Posting on Instagram, Healey shared what could be the artwork for the track – alongside a caption that simply stated ‘The Birthday Party’.

Describing the track, Healey previously said it will be about the “interesting social minutiae of house parties.”

Healy said: “I was gonna do a song that was like, ‘What it was like to be at a house party at 20, 25, and 29’. But then I realised I don’t need to do it, I just need to do what it’s like now, because my career has been what it’s been like to be at a house party at 20, 25, and 29. I think (the album will) be similar in the way that Brief Inquiry can be quite deconstructed – there’s big, bombastic elements to it, but it’s a very stripped, pure version of The 1975.”

He’s also shared a clip of ‘Jesus christ 2005 god bless america’ – a track he previously teased in 2017. It’s expected to feature on ‘Notes’…

We’ve also received a brief look at what we presume to be lyrics from the new record.

“People like people they want alive people the young surprise people stop fucking with the kids,” Matty Healy wrote on Instagram.

What will The 1975’s new album sound like?

The band’s third record has long been referred to as ‘Music For Cars’, which was set to be the final instalment in a trilogy of albums – though Matt Healy has since revealed that that plan has been scrapped.“I was really lying to myself that the 1975 wasn’t my primary drive,” he offered by way of explanation in a recent interview with The Guardian.

“Our first three albums are the story of a person; it’s always kind of been my story. It spanned adolescence to maturity, success and trying to mediate the two, and the third one is where we are now,” Healy told NME. “I haven’t really decided the statement of where we are now yet. It’s sort of difficult to understand the present,” he added.  Instead, the ‘Music For Cars’ name became attributed to an ‘era’ of the band, comprised of two albums – November 2018’s ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, and the upcoming ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’.

Speaking on Twitter, Healy compared ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ to the band’s very first EPs. “Our colllection [sic] of EP’s, and the time in which they came out etc, feels very particular to me now,” he wrote. “Maybe that’s due to retrospect, who knows. But Notes On A Conditional Form feels like that time. It feels like those records”

In a recent interview with DazedHealy revealed that a track called ‘Frail State of Mind’, which will feature on the band’s 2019 record, is an exploration of social anxiety set against a UK garage backdrop. The song, he said, is a “UK garage, sad, Burial kind of thing about social anxiety, you know, going out. I’m better at it happening, (at) me and you sitting down and having a conversation, than thinking about going to do the conversation. The social event’s normally always fine, but the build up to it, I hate it.”

Healy added that “one of my best lyrics ever” exists on the 2019 record.

As for the overall vibe of the record, Oborne recently tweeted that Healy had been referring to it as “a nighttime record”.

In conversation with NME, Healy added: It’s very homely. It’s a lot about home, it’s a lot about mental health, it’s a lot about domesticity. We created ‘A Brief Inquiry’ in the domestic environment that this next record is about. There isn’t a ‘Love It If We Made It’ yet. There isn’t anything like that.”

“When I was making the last record that wasn’t trying to make a particular thing,” Healy told NME, speaking of the pressure he feels to make another acclaimed album. “Of course, at times, I wanted to make [My Bloody Valentine’s]’ ‘Loveless’ of course, or at times I wanted to make ‘OK Computer’ – there were all these types of things. [Coltrane’s] ‘Blue Train’.

“On this record you can hear that at times I want to make my ‘Nebraska’ [Bruce Springsteen’s sparsest album] or I want to make my ‘Immunity’ by Jon Hopkins. I’d like it to be a moment-in-time record like a ‘Nebraska’.”

Healy also teased that the record will head in an emo driven direction.

“It’s not like a where emo ended up sounding  like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy sounding record. There’s definite references to Joan Of Arc and Braid and Mineral… you hear a lot of that on No Rome’s new EP – it’s kind of like an emo record,” he said.

“I played drums on that and we were making that the same time we started ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ so it does have this kind of like, Midwest kind of sound to it.”

Dirty Hit boss Jamie Oborne has revealed more about the album in a lengthy new interview, describing the sound as “extraordinary.” He added: “I was listening to the demos and it’s amazing.”

He continued: “It feels like it will be a long record. Will it be a double album? I don’t know…it’s definitely going to be a long album but I can’t possibly commit to whether it will be a double album or not. That’s a decision that happens when everything is almost completed.

“It’s about achieving a critical mass of exposure through releasing music, videos or photographs, which is basically doing the same again, but at a greater scale because we’re naturally achieving a greater scale.” You can read more about his update here. 

Do The 1975 have upcoming tour dates?

The band are touring South America in the spring, before a North American tour in the early summer. They have started being announced for festivals too, including Reading + Leeds.