New Chew Lips – ‘Salt Air’

There are two sides to Chew Lips, one far more appealing than the other. Their Kitsune-released debut single ‘Solo’ positioned them as an elegant electro-pop act, with a Robyn-esque knack for a yearning, pain-wracked chorus.

Chew Lips

But there’s also a hipster undertow lurking beneath the pristine hooks, and that’s harder to love. It could go either way. Vocalist Tigs possesses a great voice, midway between Karen O’s alley-cat yowl and Alice Glass’ snake-eyed hiss. But I think she’s more convincing when she holds back on the hipster detachment and goes for the emotional jugular.

Chew Lips play their debut headline gig on June 23 at The Lexington in Islington, and this track, ‘Salt Air’, will come out as a single around then. It’s not quite as devastating as ‘Solo’ – but it should do enough to sustain the blog buzz.