New Midnight Juggernauts – Free MP3 Downloads

Wow. The new Midnight Juggernauts track is a bit special. ‘Get Connected’ starts all ‘Eye Of The Tiger’-esque guitar lines leapfrogging a ‘Marrakesh Express’ synth wiggle then it stops for a cosmic middle eight before a vintage organ starts up and gets chased around a haunted house by Caspa (the friendly, not dubstep, version) and they have a little wrestle.

Midnight Juggernauts

Yep, the metaphor maker’s dream are back and that’s just the b-side. Leading ‘Get Connected’ back into our lives is ‘Vital Signs’, a more conventional (for them) slow-building crystalline love song complete with icy twinkles, otherworldly chants, spaceship horns and stuff like that.

Midnight Juggernaut’s new album ‘The Crystal Axis’ is out in June and comes accompanied with all sorts of fan-friendly promo stuff (t-shirts, tote bags, badges) plus they’re releasing a ltd 12” gatefold version. Head to the eerie site for more, including their forthcoming UK dates.

Vital Signs

Get Connected