New Music – Atoms For Peace Remix Four Tet’s ‘Pyramid’

Nigel Godrich and Thom Yorke uploaded the Atoms For Peace remix of their pal Four Tet’s ‘Pyramids’, an 8-minute odyssey from Kieran Hebden’s 2012 album ‘Pink’.

The long-time Radiohead producer and Atoms For Peace member Godrich tweeted the Soundcloud link last night, saying:

Listen to it now:

In an interview with Rolling Stone this week, Thom Yorke jokingly said that if anyone calls his and producer Nigel Godrich’s Atoms For Peace project a supergroup to his face, he’ll “fucking knock their teeth out”. Godrich and Yorke also talked about dance culture today, what’s next for Radiohead and Amazon’s wiley ways.

You can hear the original below.