New Music – Disclosure, ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’

What a rise. When Disclosure’s album ‘Settle’ comes out on 3 June we can reasonably expect the Lawrence bros to roll out the British dance album of the year. It’s been a dizzy old trajectory from bedroom tinkering to stepping into a club for the first time and accelerating towards a mammoth top three hit with AlunaGeorge hook-up ‘White Noise’, and now expectation hangs heavy.

That shouldn’t be a problem for Guy and Howard Lawrence – the Orbital with two full heads of hair, the Kemp brothers with, well, some kind of grip on decent music – who are unaffected, unassuming and unbothered by sudden fame thrust upon them. They’ve tapped into a need for dance tunes that cherry-pick the best ideas from the last 25 years or so of techno, garage and dubstep and have the pop nous to bring in the kind of vocalists (Aluna, Jessie Ware, even Eliza Doolittle) who give their floorfillers heart.

Yesterday (23 May) they blessed the internet with ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’, the second track on the forthcoming album and another typically spry piece of retro-house. This time there’s no starry guest, just a sliced and diced sample of a US motivational speaker, but the kinetic bass harks back to Chicago deep house pioneers Fingers Inc and later Dutch house don Jaydee, and the synth wash bears the essence of Gat Decor’s ‘Passion’ or TC 1991’s ‘Berry’ – ancient touchstones now, but at this remove, and after years of EDM drudgery, as fresh as the Lawrences’ faces.

Suddenly there’s talk of a collaboration with Nile Rodgers to set Disclosure up as Blighty’s own Daft Punk. We’ll see about that, but for now we’ll, um, settle for ‘Settle’ and, here below, ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’.

Disclosure’s debut album ‘Settle’ is released on PMR Records on 3 June.