New Noise Five-A-Day – 16/10/09

1. Sleeve of the day

Kearney Barton 'Wheedle's Groove'

What’s that you say? Legendary Seattle soul dudes? All in their sixties? Covering modern songs in a classic soul funk style? I picked this album up earlier this week largely because I liked the sleeve. Turns out there’s an incredible Bill Withers-style rendition of The Roses’ ‘Fools Gold’, which would sit perfectly on some Scorsese gangster flick soundtrack. More info over at Light in the Attic records.

2. Free download of the day

Rainbow Bridge ‘Big Wave Rider’ (from Transparent blog)

Enigmatic Washington duo Bridget O’Brian Smith and Adam Croce are Rainbow Bridge, and the menace of ‘Big Wave Rider’, with its string-bent twangs and “Shootin’ the curl for the world!” lyric, is a total wonder. Thank you to the damn fine Transparent blog for yet another anthem. (I will most definitely be playing this on NME Radio New Noise tomorrow by the way.)

3. Buy this

Cate Le Bon ‘Me Oh My’ (buy from Rough Trade).

If Vashti Bunyan ever fancied doing a turn as frontwoman for the Super Furry Animals, it could well sound slightly like Cate Le Bon. ‘Me Oh My’ is an amazing album full of dark, melancholic tales that knock much of the great wodge of current celebrated femme-pop into a charisma-free cocked hat. This is also why I chose it as my Album of the Week on NME Radio and played a song every single day.

4. Gig of the weekend

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at the Brickyard, Carlisle. (tickets)

If the wind, rain and general drudge of the day is giving you the arse, do what I do and whack on 9-piece Chicago brass-hop dudes The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Their album has frequently lifted me from the grouch this year, and tomorrow night there’s a chance to witness the euphoria in the flesh. At least there is if you live anywhere near Carlisle.

5. Visual New Noise

The Hickey Underworld – ‘Blonde Fire’.

If you precede any video with the words ‘no animals or humans were harmed in the making of this video’, you’re guaranteed to generate interest. Apparently it’s true though: in spite of the raw flesh on show no bunnies suffered. That’s not to say it makes the promo for Belgian rockers The Hickey Underworld’s ‘Blonde Fire’ any easier to swallow. So for the weak of heart and fragile of mind (and anyone under 18) this is rather explicit in a horror/warped/nakedness-kinda-way.

Sadly though, I’ve gotta say the shock was slightly lessened for me as soon I saw the knackered rug being slung about – always a sure-fire indication that there’ll be a hairy bunch of artfully dishevelled dudes bashing away at instruments on it eventually.