New Noise Five-A-Day – 27/10/09

1. If you listen to NME Radio this morning…

…you will first hear the harmonic wonder pop of Everything Everything, followed by some Atlas Sound, a bit of The Soft Pack, some classic Broadcast and Pixies and, and, well you get the idea.

Everything Everything

There’ll also Oklahoman bearders Colourmusic whose unbelievably rousing single ‘Yes!’ is my Track of the Week, and something else from the upcoming ‘Gorilla Manor’ album from Local Natives.

10am–midday on NME Radio (Find out how and where to listen here)

2. Sleeve of the day

The Middle East

The debut EP from Queensland collective The Middle East was originally released last year in their native Australia, and is only currently available on import in the UK, though there are signs of an official release soon. Check out the whistling, tinkling beauty of ‘Blood’, in particular. It’s got a children’s choir on it and evryfink.

3. Free download of the day

Surfer Blood ‘Floating Vibes’ (from Consequence of Sound) blog)

According to reports they were one of the toasts of CMJ in New York last week, and Floridian five-piece Surfer Bloodseem to have have the (adopt industry bigwig Noo Yoik voice here) hooks and looks to do something special. Their booming Springsteen-meets-Shins sound is best sampled via their song ‘Floating Vibes’, which you can nab now over at the Consequence of Sound blog.

4. Buy this

Au ‘Versions’ (Aagoo)

I mentioned Portland Oregon collective Au in yesterday’s Five-A-Day, but in case you skipped merrily and obliviously past the link I would like to ask once again that you download the album ‘Versions’, which has just come out. Whilst raving like an idiot about it on Twitter yesterday I said that it reminds me a bit of people like David Byrne, Arcade Fire, White Denim, Antony Hegarty. Well stir in some Akron/Family and Man Man and you might get a vague sense of where they’re coming from. Also, this is an EP consisting largely of older songs that have been reworked, which means there’ll be iTunes-receipts-a-plenty due in my inbox over the next couple of days.

5. Visual New Noise

With a nod to the You Are The Music blog for the link and download, this is the accompanying promo for ‘Stars’ by sultry trio Warpaint. Look out for a UK release of their ‘Exquisite Corpse’ EP on Manimal Vinyl imminently.

Got any new bands, hot tips, videos, downloads or recommendations of stuff I really should be playing on NME Radio? Get ’em in via the comments below.

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