New Noise With Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana And A Free MP3 From Sonny & The Sunsets

New Noise is a daily dose of new mp3s, videos and sleeve recommendations for you

1. What’s On The Show Today

Today’s two hours is packed full of musical wonder from people like Johnny Foreigner, Vampire Weekend, Crystal Castles and Passion Pit, plus songs that mark high-points in musical history from the likes of Siouxsie & The Banshees, Nirvana, (more on whom below), and Smashing Pumpkins, with this little gem…

There’ll also be a final sprinkle of Local Natives, with the last track from ‘Gorilla Manor’: my album of the week, and another blast of life-affirming goodness from Colourmusic, whose ‘Yes!’ has been my Track of the Week. If you’ve missed out all week, make sure you hear it today.

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Download Colourmusic’s cover of Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ on the Daily Download too.

2. Sleeve of the day

Nirvana ‘Live At Reading’

On Monday one of the most legendary British festival performances of all time is officially released in all its scuzzy glory, and it would be a bit daft of me to pick anything other than ‘Nirvana: Live At Reading’ to play songs from all next week on NME Radio, thus it will be my Album of the Week. Hear a different track every day between 10am and Midday. Unfortunately the 

album artwork itself looks like it was put together in about five minutes on MS Paint. In 1992.

3. Free download of the day

Ever notices how certain songs have that anthemic, ‘it’s been a long road, but we’re OK!’ sort of conclusive sound that makes them perfect as an album closer? Well the Wilsonesque ‘Too Young To Burn’ by San Fran hippies Sonny & The Sunsets is definitely one of ‘em. In fact I would’ve finished my NME Radio New Noise show with it tomorrow night, had I not been making way for something very special, very exclusive and very live instead. I s’pose the best thing to do then is download it for yourself now, via the MBV blog. 

4. Top track of the day

Yet more from the US, this time an album of epic fried Americana from Motel Motel, whose huge (in a literal sense) album ‘New Denver’ has only just come out in the UK.  ‘Mountain’ in particular sounds slightly like Cold War Kids having a tear-up with Ryan Adams outside an indie disco in 2004.

5. Video of the day

The brilliantly woozy new single from Radioclit/Esau Mwamwaya project The Very Best is being played on NME Radio morning, noon and night, and to finish the week of New Noise 5-a-Day nonsense here’s a new version featuring Kano, complete with crudely shot but compelling video of studio scenes to go with it. 

Got any new bands, hot tips, videos, downloads or recommendations of stuff I really should be playing on NME Radio? Get ’em in via the comments below.

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