New Passion Pit Video – ‘The Reeling’

It’s a key moment in the assent of any buzz band – the moment when you unveil the video, the one that, if you’re ever going to appeal to anyone other than bloggers, needs to get the attention of actual taste-makers and industry kingpins.

With MGMT it was the lysergic ‘Time To Pretend’ clip. That worked. In Chairlift’s case it was the equally eye-catching (and technically stunning) ‘Evident Utensil’. That one didn’t make quite such a mainstream splash.

Passion Pit’s big push is ‘The Reeling’ – and judging by the deafening outbreak of OMG-ing on NME’s Twitter feed today, it looks like the Cambridge, Massachusetts electro act have pulled it off. Counterbalancing the shimmering, Friendly Fires-esque elegance of the song, the visuals are (conversely) dark and grungy.

Ripped-up and raw, the whole thing has that artfully distressed look that’s designed to give the impression the video was marinaded in a puddle for a week, when in reality it was probably put through an enormously expensive digital post-production program.

Best bit: at 2.55, when the camera tears through the wall to reveal Passion Pit playing at a druggy, sexy and anarchic warehouse party.

‘The Reeling’ is taken from the band’s debut album ‘Manners’, which comes out May 19.

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