New Streams & MP3 Downloads – Africa Hitech, Fucked Up, The Very Best

Fucked Up released their fourth and final MP3 in their pre-release series for new album ‘David Comes To Life’ today. Following download freebies of ‘Ship Of Fools’, ‘A Little Death’ and ‘The Other Shoe’, the band just unleashed ‘Queen Of Hearts’ over on the Matablog. The newest track is the fastest and most frantic yet (and also the sweetest, if you take into account the backing vocals) and according to the band “frames the rest of the rock-opera story and details the first encounter of David and his love interest, Veronica, for the first time as she hands out leaflets protesting against the lightbulb factory where David works.”

Like they say, the tracks represent a pretty good idea of what to expect from the forthcoming album, so head over and pick them up now. The band are currently on a massive UK tour and the album comes out June 7.

Fucked Up live

Next, if you liked what you heard on our Africa Hitech album preview stream you may want to head to Warp’s site to hear the whole thing in full from today.

Africa Hitech

Finally, an exclusive to NME.COM, a brand new The Very Best track. The duo, the brains behind one of the albums of summer ’09 and this classic track, are back with a free mixtape marking Mother’s Day in the US this Sunday.

While the tracklisting is under wraps, the pair have said they’ve “borrowed from some musicians, producers, rappers and singers we really love and admire” and namecheck everyone from African Boy to BLK JKS in their introductory letter. They also refer to their awesome version of the Florence / The XX track ‘You Got The Love’ as the genesis of the mixtape so we’re guessing it’ll be pretty special. You can pick it up from Sunday on

It features two new tracks, ‘Super Mom’ and ‘Ndekha’. Here’s the latter.