People are being super-nerdy about when they’re starting their New Year’s Eve countdown song

Apparently if you start listening to 'In The Air Tonight' at 23:56:44 on December 31, you'll kick off 2018 with "that really sick drum fill"

Depending on who you ask, New Year’s Eve is either the best or most-overrated night of the year. But whichever side of the debate you come down on, it’s still very unlikely that you won’t be arsed about taking stock of the clock as we all welcome in the shiny, please-don’t-be-shit New Year at the end of the month.

And, as with every new calendar year, we all wanna start it right: be that through diligently following a New Year’s resolution until you inevitably forget about it by 2:03pm on January 2, or by just making sure that you see in yet another year as euphorically/drunkenly/tearfully (delete as applicable) as possible.

So instead of fucking about this year and most probably missing the big moment, why not prepare yourself for the countdown to 2018 by indulging in Twitter’s current fascination of choosing an iconic piece of popular music and queuing its most seismic moment to welcome in the New Year?

Here’s the pitch: pick one of your favourite artist’s biggest songs – preferably a track with a memorable lyric, key change or life-affirming scream half-way in – and queue it up so that, as the clock strikes 00:00 on January 1, 2018, the euphoric moment in question will be the first thing you hear in 2018.

Here’s a few suggestions from the Twittersphere to get you inspired.

Or, you could celebrate one of 2017’s best/most bizarre viral videos at the stroke of midnight instead:

The possibilities are endless.