NewVillager – Through The Doors Of Perception

NewVillager are two dudes with an appreciation of Arthur Russell and a flair for the theatrical. They might also be electro-pop shaman taking meticulous steps towards a mysterious, musical nirvana.


Their recent single ‘Rich Doors’ is one of those steps. “’Rich Doors’ started first as a drum pattern on a child’s drum set in a cabin in the town of Port Townsend,” says Ross Simonini. “We recorded the idea, took a walk to the lighthouse, planted some vines by the ocean, then came back, added some piano and found the chorus vocal.”

It took a year from that moment to complete the song which has become part of NewVillager’s grand scheme. “It sits near the center of a song cycle/mythology that will eventually become our first full-length,” Simonini explains. “It’s meant to sound like the moment before making a right decision.”

You can download ‘Rich Doors’ at Pinglewood.

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