‘The Cage Cage’ – This immersive Nicolas Cage VR experience might just ruin your day

It goes without saying, that Nicolas Cage is a tad eccentric. Earlier this year he gatecrashed a festival dedicated to him and just stole the and his past escapades have included stolen dinosaur skulls and scrapping with Motley Crue’s Vince Neil in Las Vegas.

So naturally, that bleeds into his work as an actor – virtually every role he’s ever taken has been stupidly OTT, and you best believe that he nails whatever he’s going after each time. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to be inside of Nic’s brain? Well, this new hellish VR experience goes some way to showcasing what it must feel like.

The Cage Cage is a brutally torturous new ‘experience’ that plays basically every bonkers Cage moment, from his turn in the utterly terrible Wickerman remake to his rage-induced escapades in Face/Off, all at the same time. From The Cage Cage, there is no escape. You can twist and turn, but meeting you at every corner is more of Nic Cage’s most bizarre moments from his surprisingly long career. We imagine this to be what Nic lives most days. Here’s a little taster of what you’re in for.


If, by any chance, that has piqued your interest – or you just happen to genuinely enjoy Nicolas Cage’s films, you can immerse yourself in the experience at www.thecagecage.com. Bonus points for anyone who can put on their VR headsets and not try and break the bars within 38 seconds. 

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