Nick Cave had the most on-brand time at Primavera Porto

He's even gloomy when he's on his hols

There are few miserablists quite as eternally on-brand as Mr Nick Cave. The gloomy icon’s position as the reigning master of darkness is unchallenged (sorry Ozzy, but it’s true) – regardless of the weather, he’s a champion of channeling the beauty in the bleak. Case in point: this new picture of Cave on his holidays in Portugal.

While over in the sunny European holiday spot of Porto for Primavera Sound festival’s Portuguese edition, the ‘Red Right Hand’ singer was papped by one of his Bad Seeds sat on… well, a red right hand. Naturally.

Despite (or perhaps because of?) the searing sunshine, Cave’s not sunning himself silly. Look at that scowl. He looks like a troublesome kid adamantly refusing to eat the hotel buffet. What a legend. By all accounts Primavera Porto was a bit of a wet one, so Cave should’ve been in his element, really. Perhaps he’s fuming because the sun’s finally come out. It certainly doesn’t look like he’s dressed to sunbathe.

What really caps off this frankly ludicrous image is the little kid zooming away on his scooter. Look at the sheer joy on his face. He’s the antithesis of Cave’s gloomy demeanour. In fact… maybe it’s his fault? Look at that grin on his face. He looks like he’s just delivered some bad news to Ol’ Nick (perhaps a reminder of the exponentially increasing threat of climate change, as evidenced by Porto’s all-over-the-place weather), and is relishing in it. Yep, he’s almost definitely ruined Nick’s holiday. What a little bastard.