Nick Grimshaw Just Made Radio 1’s Breakfast Show Worth Listening To Again

A few months ago it was announced that Nick Grimshaw would be taking control of Radio 1’s breakfast slot – in this day and age a job that’s perhaps as enviable as MCing the Brit Awards (ie, really bloody difficult). When the news dropped I decided to voice my opinion on The Guardian with a blog titled: ‘Chris Moyles is dead. Long live Nick Grimshaw!’ I didn’t write that headline btw, it’s really harsh (but true).

The gist was as follows: Chris Moyles has been committing crimes against FM stereos by coasting on his uncool lad shtick for far too long and he couldn’t care less – his ego is bigger than his respect for the station or the BBC. Nick Grimshaw is not Chris Moyles, therefore it’s a great start for the salvation of a credible Radio 1 Breakfast show that doesn’t just rely on millions of listeners who have no other option but to be bullied into listening to, uh, a bully. (Unless you LOVE waking up to commercial stations littered with adverts for cheaper car insurance performed by humans pretending to be meerkats. Didn’t think so).


Chris Moyles wasn’t too pleased with this level of criticism. Being as he is “the Jesus of Radio 1”, any dissenting commentary is punishable by death. Or in this case, by Chris Moyles directing his million of followers to me on Twitter when he addressed three tweets to my account along the lines of “I’m happy you’re showing support for Grimmy but why have a pop at me? WAH WAH WAH SO UNFAIR.” Boo. Hoo. Having received no end of misspelt, foul (“you’re such an ugly cunt LOL and can’t right a sentence propally” etc) and plain unfunny retorts from Moylesy’s army of morons, I put my feet up and basked in the glory.

Chris Moyles proved my point – mainly he’s had a detrimental effect on society. He’s taken advantage of Britain when the whole nation is at its most vulnerable: stuck in traffic, running away from a stranger’s halitosis, staring down at the prospect of two chaffing pieces of Weetabix thinking, ‘Mornings, when will they stop?’ So yeah. FUCK OFF MOYLES. Oh sorry, I meant “bye”.

Onto this morning and a man who isn’t Chris Moyles (or Scott “always the bridesmaid…” Mills) on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show. This was the first time since Sara Cox that I’ve listened to an entire slot. OK, I lie, I had to get on the Tube for 30-minute period… but having had a taster before I left the flat I couldn’t wait to get into the NME offices and blast the show out to all and sundry (basically me, at 8.30am, singing along to Wiley, on my own).

Last night before I went to bed I thought, If I were Grimmy right now I’d overdose on Night Nurse. The level of pressure to reclaim the youth credo that Radio 1 has lost, to help re-shape the British charts by exerting some influence over the playlist, to maintain Moyle’s listenership and grow it exponentially, to basically SAVE THE WORLD would have been too much to bear. As someone who knows what it’s like to start a brand new job on a mission (Hello by the way, I’m Eve, I’m your new Deputy Editor and I started last week) I was floored by Grimshaw’s casual “w’evs” vibe this morning. “It’s only day one of my new job,” he admitted at one point as he interrupted the end of a news broadcast over-anticipating one of his cues.

As far as First Days go, Grimmers couldn’t really have asked for more. He poked fun at Harry Styles having managed to wake him up on line one (he’d already been for “a run” apparently… in his sleep), he had Doctor Who aka Matt Smith SINGING live on radio as part of a new game called Wheel Of Four Tunes (LOL), he playfully hit back at celebrity nepotism tasking his first caller with predicting which celebs had brownnosed him in recent weeks following his job promotion, he even managed to play some good music by AlunaGeorge and Taylor Swift (I liked that song… OK?!) Oh yeah, and he interviewed Justin Bieber.


But it wasn’t Grimmers merely “not being Moyles” that appealed. His easy style is not condescending or bullyish or tired or lazy. He’s energised, aware of his celebrity shoulder-brushing persona and a right good laugh. Listening to Grimmy’s charmed swagger there was a glimmer of hope that maybe we are safe, maybe all is not lost on Radio 1, maybe people will like him.

He’s taken the magazine show hilarity of yore (RIP Channel 4’s Big Breakfast) and brought it up to speed with the social media savvy consumer of 2012, engaging with 19,000 followers (and counting) on Twitter.“We’re going to be like Beyonce,” he joked. “Beyonce’s a genius at Twitter because she has millions of followers and never says anything.” Then, in true Grimmy style, he sent out the first tweet from @R1Breakfast: “Hiyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Hear that? That’s the sound of people laughing with you, not at you.

Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show debut – the playlist

Jay-Z & Kanye West, ‘Paris’
Otto Knows, ‘Million Voices’
Rita Ora, ‘How We Do (Party)’
Muse, ‘Madness’
Coldplay, ‘Paradise’
DJ Fresh ft RaVaughn, ‘The Feeling’
Taylor Swift, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’
Skrillex ft Sirah, ‘Bangarang’
The Killers, ‘Runaways’
Rudimental ft John Newman, ‘Feel The Love’
The Script ft Will.I.Am, ‘Hall Of Fame’
One Direction, ‘Live While We’re Young’
David Guetta ft Sia, ‘She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)’
Rizzle Kicks, ‘When I Was A Youngster’
Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj, ‘Beauty And A Beat’
Cheryl Cole, ‘Call My Name’
Madeon, ‘The City’
Example, ‘Say Nothing’
Fun., ‘Some Nights’
AlunaGeorge, ‘Your Drums, Your Love’
Nero, ‘Me And You’
The Vaccines, ‘Teenage Icon’
Mumford & Sons, ‘I Will Wait’
Rihanna, ‘Where Have You Been’


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