Nickel Eye – Strokes Bassist Goes Solo – Free MP3

It was only a matter of time before the fifth and final Stroke went off and did his own thing.

After Julian’s Santogold/Pharrell/Converse project, Fab’s Little Joy (with a little help from Nick Valensi), and of course Albert’s impressive solo career, bassist Nikolai Fraiture has been digging through his shoebox of ideas and rustled up an album of his own under the nom de tune Nickel Eye.

Nickel Eye

With contributions from a variety of friends including Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s Nick Zinner and Regina Spektor, plus UK indie band South (remember them?), the album ‘The Time Of The Assassins’ is out on January 26.

‘Dying Star’ sits slap bang in the middle of the album and is one of the more frenetic offerings, speeding by on an undulating wah-wah guitar current and cardboard box drums. And it might just be me (cue loads of it-is-you comments), but he kind of sounds like Damon Albarn during the chorus.

Download Nickel Eye‘s Dying Star

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