The ‘Nicki Minaj Challenge’ – the craze inspiring “bad bitches” everywhere

Everyone is bringing out their inner diva thanks to Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has started something amazing. Last week, the rapper filmed herself boarding a private jet in London, after flying in from New York. Instead of laboriously going through security and patiently waiting at a sweaty boarding gate, or getting bogged down by jetlag, she twirls on the spot, flicks her hair and struts on board. “Attention. This is how bad bitches leave London and go to Prague,” she says. “You bitches can’t even spell Prague.” Nobody has ever boarded a plane in such sass-stuffed style. And within hours, Minaj’s diva boldness inspired others to do the same.

Behold the ‘Nicki Minaj Challenge’, where hundreds of fans across the globe are spinning on the spot, shifting their hips and strutting while doing the most menial tasks. Unlike Nicki herself, most people don’t get the chance to board a private jet in style. So instead, fans have been sassily taking out the bins, going to work and graduating. One fan even copied Minaj when collecting food stamps. As it turns out, if you shout “Attention!” before going full diva, you can make any everyday event seem heroic. It’s hard not to get caught up in the craze.

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Celebrities have also bought into the craze. Zoe Kravitz did her own version, leaving her hotel to appear on Good Morning America. Kylie Jenner’s attempt verged on disastrous, however. It only lasts a couple of seconds, she says “you bitches can’t even spell Pra-“ and the clip seems to end when she’s on the brink of falling over. Pray for Kylie.

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Jenner’s failed attempt proves that not everybody can be Nicki Minaj. But that’s ok. The superstar’s inspired countless people to bring out their inner diva. Even if some of them topple over while trying to eat a snack and spin at the same time.