Nicki Minaj Returns With Trump-Slating, Imitator-Berating Take On Rae Sremmurd’s Mannequin Challenge Track ‘Black Beatles’

'Black Barbies' is only the rapper's third track of the year

By her standards, 2016 has been a quiet year for Nicki Minaj. She’s only put out two tracks – ‘Down In The DM‘ and ‘The Pinkprint Freestyle‘, not counting her cameo on Meek Mill’s ‘DC4’ – until now. ‘Black Barbies’ is her take on ‘Black Beatles’, the Rae Sremmurd song that’s been pushed to the top of the US charts by new viral craze the mannequin challenge.

Sharing it online, she seemed in celebratory mood. “2 Lil black kids got the NUMBER 1 RECORD IN THE COUNTRY & I’m soooooo happy for Mike Will,” she wrote on Instagram, referring to the original track’s producer MikeWillMadeIt. The song itself isn’t as completely positive as that might lead you to believe, though.

Black Barbies by Nicki Minaj

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You gon’ be floating in them rivers like you know Joan/Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home,” she raps midway through the track. Up until this point, things have been pretty low-key, with Minaj shouting out “SremmLife” and flipping one of ‘Black Beatles” verses to be about black women. ‘Black Barbies’ takes a more aggressive turn, however, with the rapper calling out imitators who haven’t got anything on her and Trump.

Nevertheless, Minaj doesn’t let all that get her down. Later, she’s boasting about all the money she’s making (“Where your plaques? Where them stocks? Word to NASDAQ/Bitches ass-back, they was never in my tax-brack“) and shutting down those pretenders, telling them “All these bitches is my sons, should be sucking my tits“. The queen is back and, boy, is it good to hear from her.