Nikki Sixx – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse


The girlfriend of which member of Kiss did you and Tommy Lee ‘tag-team’ behind the drum riser while supporting them on tour?
“It was [drummer] Eric Carr. At the time it felt good, but I wouldn’t feel good if it happened to me. We didn’t really have a conscience back then. How did it come about? How does anything come about when you’re drinking and opening for Kiss for the first time on tour? There’s a huge amount of opportunities!”

How many times have you died, and where did you wake up after each time?
“Multiple times, based on a lot of seizures from shooting cocaine. Only a few heroin overdoses where I came back. Usually I’d wake up in my bathroom.”
Half a point. You’ve died twice and you woke up once in a skip in London and once at an LA hospital.

How did it feel waking up having been thrown away as a corpse?
“In London, that’s right, and once at the Franklin Plaza Hotel. Addiction is really interesting because if you survive it, you look back and think ‘What was I thinking?’ and you don’t know why you would do the things you do. It’s really a trip. Because the desire to get high is such a craving and the addictive behaviour is so huge, even if you know you’re doing the wrong thing you’re gonna do the wrong thing. Part of your brain goes, ‘I’m gonna get out of this’ and the other part goes, ‘I’ll get high and figure it out, I’m not gonna overdose or catch anything.’”

Which rock star’s wife did you sleep with, unaware who she was, after she climbed uninvited into your hotel room through the window?
“Bruce Dickinson! I remember thinking, ‘I love England!’”

The sign for which live venue in LA is the first to appear in the video for ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’?
“Is it the Roxy?”
Wrong. The Troubadour

To the nearest million, how many LPs have Mötley Crüe sold in the US?
“700 million.”
Wrong. 25 million
“I read an interview with Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks and he said they’d sold 125 million records in Finland and he had houses in Switzerland and Morocco and New York and LA. I was like, ‘Wow, fuck, those guys were huge!’”

As a youth, why was a warrant for your arrest issued in Seattle?
“For selling drugs at a Rolling Stones concert. Somebody asked me if I wanted to trade some pot for some mescaline and I got arrested.”

According to The Heroin Diaries, when Tim Luzzi cleaned your house of all drugs and paraphernalia, where was the one place he didn’t look?
“My closet?”
Wrong. Inside the brass balls on top of your bedposts
“Ah fuck, goddamit! There were these wood panels and it was fantastic when you were awake for a few days to pick the wood panels off and put them back on. It’s just hobby work under heroin addiction.”

Complete the lyric: “Shine my pistol some more…”
“Oh dude, is that ‘Ten Seconds To Love’? I fail.”
Wrong. “…here I cum/Just ten seconds more”.
“Of course! I don’t sing ’em so how would I remember it? I just write ’em and that’s it. I should not lose a point for that, that’s not fair! I want a disclaimer on that.”

What was the name of your 1994 tour?
“It wasn’t Mötley Crüe Vs The Earth, it wasn’t Hooligan’s Holiday… did we have an elephant on the front of that? I remember finding a picture of an elephant fucking some chick and that was the pass. I can’t remember.”
Wrong. Anywhere There’s Electricity
“That’s right! I’m failing!”

Why were you arrested at Edmonton International Airport in 1982?
“The band had pornography, handcuffs and whips.”
Correct. Wasn’t that a PR stunt, though?
“No, it was real. Those Canadians, they don’t have a sense of humour. Imagine how odd that would be, to carry around porn magazines now when you can just download it on your phone.”

Total Score – 4.5/10
“I’m not happy about this, I should get one redeeming question!”