Nine Beautiful, Candid Shots Of Oasis, White Stripes, Manics And More From London’s Bigger Than God Exhibition

In London this weekend (December 19) and fancy seeing stunning photography of recent music history’s biggest bands? A new exhibition open at Hoxton Galleries on Kingsland Road collecting incredible shots of the Dr Dre, Bjork, Spice Girls, Oasis and more opened today featuring the talents of revered music photographers Harry Borden, Ian Davies, Grant Fleming, Chris Floyd, Pat Pope and Graeme Roberston. Here’s a taster of the snaps on display at Bigger Than God. But be quick if you want to see the whole collection – it shuts on Sunday…

Spice Girls by Harry Borden

Jarvis Cocker by Harry Borden

Lily Allen by Chris Floyd

Manic Street Preachers by Harry Borden

Nick Cave by Harry Borden

Dr Dre by Chris Floyd

Bjork by Harry Borden

The White Stripes by Chris Floyd

Oasis by Chris Floyd