This Drummer Has Squeezed Nirvana’s Back Catalogue Into Five Jaw-Dropping Minutes

When people think of Nirvana, the first person that’ll typically come to mind is Kurt Cobain, the late guitar genius behind the band’s greatest songs.

But what of the drumming on those timeless Nirvana songs? We all know that his time behind the kit during 1990 to 1994 launched Dave Grohl’s music career, but have you ever paid specific attention to his drumwork on those iconic Nirvana recordings? And, while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget Chad Channing’s grungey rhythms on the band’s debut album ‘Bleach’, which sound as crisp and punchy today as they did 27 years ago.

Well, it’s time to make amends by appreciating this superb video that honours the stick-wielding talents of Messrs Channing and Grohl. Entirely the work of the uber-talented Australian drummer Kye Smith, he’s managed to put together a five-minute “drum chronology” that incorporates segments from every Nirvana recording, from ‘Bleach’ to the band’s final release ‘You Know You’re Right’. And, without sounding too overwhelmed, it’s an absolute work of art.


Watch the full video below, and be sure to check out Smith’s other five-minute drum chronologies – which include The Beatles, blink-182 and Grohl’s own Foo Fighters – over on his YouTube account. If this doesn’t inspire you to pick up a pair of drumsticks, then nothing will.

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