The NME 100: Essential new music for 2018


From: London

Sounds like: Strung-out indie ideal for lazy afternoons.


For fans of: Yellow Days, Grizzly Bear

Need to know: A carpenter by trade, Mellah built the studio his gorgeous debut EP ‘Liminality’ EP was recorded in. Luckily, the same amount of attention has filtered into his diverse
musical abilities.

Essential track: ‘Nada’

Pom Poko

From: Trondheim, Norway

Sounds like: A curious car crash of angular post-punk, visceral math-rock and a twisted kind of pop – every turn defies expectation.


For fans of: The Sugarcubes, Battles

Need to know: This mind-bending, madcap quartet (formed of “jazz musicians who don’t play jazz”) are named after named after the legendary and equally insane Japanese animated movie by
Isao Takahata.

Essential track: ‘Jazz Baby’

Dama Scout

From: London

Sounds like: Fizzing indie that’ll immediately brighten up your world.

For fans of: Alvvays, Porches

Need to know: The group found inspiration for their break-out hit ‘Suzie Wong’ while messing around with a child’s guitar – resulting in the song’s playful atmosphere.

Essential track: ‘Suzie Wong’

Soccer Mommy

From: Nashville, Tennessee

Sounds like: Your bedroom pop project – if you were much, much, much more talented.

For fans of: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Elliot Smith

Need to know: Sophie Allison released an EP called Song For The Recently Sad, which gives you an idea of her music. Largely consisting of vocal and guitar, it’s direct, emotional and goddamn beautiful.

Essential track: ‘Your Dog’

Nilufer Yanya

From: London

Sounds like: Blissful indie stuffed with melodic hooks.

For fans of: Florence + The Machine, The Big Moon

Need to know: Yanya runs a zine that helps fund creative initiatives in refugee camps. Similar heart has been poured into her gorgeous output.

Essential track: ‘Baby Luv’

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