The NME 100: Essential new music for 2018



From: Brighton

Sounds like: Momentous rock anthems that pack both bark and bite.


For fans of: No Doubt, Queens Of The Stone Age

Need to know: When they signed their record deal, the band got so pissed that their gig later that day was a bit of a disaster. Debut EP ‘Heavy’ is a pure headbanging triumph though, so it’s all good.

Essential track: ‘Bubblegum’

Gaffa Tape Sandy

From: Bury St Edmunds


Sounds like: Bring Me The Horizon doing Busted covers.

For fans of: Ty Segall, Paramore

Need to know: The punk band say they have “an undying love for music that makes you want to move around and punch your best friend in the head”. We’re in!

Essential track: ‘Beehive’

Shady Nasty

From: Sydney

Sounds like: A brawl down your local fight club.

For fans of: Death Grips, Metz

Need to know: The trio combines sludge-like riffs, atonal grunts, bone-rattling percussion and sickeningly fast tempos to create a doomy, art-rock noise that feels like being concreted
into a wall. Sweet dreams.

Essential track: ‘Good Company’

The Pale White

From: Newcastle

Sounds like: Hip-swaggering blues tunes catchier than Freshers Flu.

For fans of: The Black Keys, Kings Of Leon

Need to know: Fast becoming one of the North East’s hottest groups, the trio’s first EP evokes memories of The White Stripes early material – scrawling riffs and spikey rhythms aplenty.

Essential track: ‘Reaction’


From: Sheffield

Sounds like: Thrilling garage-indie anthems.

For fans of: Blossoms, The Strokes

Need to know: If there’s any band that encapsulates the chaotic spirit of early-‘00s indie, it’s Sheffield group RedFaces. ‘Take It Or Leave It’ and ‘Kerosene’ are magnificent launching
pads for the group.

Essential track: ‘Take It Or Leave It’

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