NME: Artist Services – How to make your profile as enticing as possible

Thanks for signing up to NME Artist Services. Before you build your profile, here are some top tips about getting your music heard, and making the right impression. And if you’d like some inspiration, check out a few completed profiles here.

1. Pictures matter

It’s important to make a good first impression. Live pictures, posed pictures, whatever ,just make sure that your images represent what you and your music is all about.

2. Introduce yourself

Your profile is for people who are curious about you, but don’t know it yet. Think about what you’d like them to know about you. Who are you? Where are you from? Who are your big influences? If you tell people about the artists that inspire you – there’s a much better chance that they will give you a listen.

3. Excite people


What sets you apart from the rest? If you have a unique story – tell us!

4. Be honest

Is there a back-story that your new fans can relate to? If you have tracks you’ve put together for a reason – tell people why you made them, who you made them for and what they mean to you. Fans love to relate to all their favourite songs, this is no different.

5. Make it the right length

To make your profile as visible as possible on Google, it must be at least 350 words. You won’t be able to post it if is shorter. We’re not trying to be difficult it’s what Google requires – And you need Google to take notice if you want new fans to find your page.

6. Keep it fresh

Videos and pictures tell people even more about you that just the music. So it’s definitely worth connecting your Instagram feed and YouTube channel to your profile. Once you’ve done that – it will automatically update with your latest posts. That way, fans can keep on top of your latest music, shows and more. Easy.

7. Actively promote your shows

If your fans like what they see, read and hear – they’ll want to see you smash it live. Stick each and every live date on your profile and make sure you invite all your new fans along.

8. Share the love

When you publish your profile you can choose to share it with your fans on socials. If you update the page, don’t be afraid to tell people about it.

9. Spread the word


Make sure you tell your fans how to get in touch and find out more about you.

I hope this guide was helpful and I look forward to hearing your tracks very soon.

Thomas Smith – NME, New Music Writer

PS – Still stuck and need some inspiration? Take a look at the Thatchers Haze x NME Emerging Artist winner’s profile here.

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