NME Awards 2012 Review – Inside This Week’s NME (Mar 10)

It was the most triumphant moment of the most insane, debauched and downright boozy NME Awards ever – Godlike Genius Noel Gallagher booming out his classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ as Jarvis Cocker, Theo Hurts, Johnny Marr and every other drunk rock star in the roomsang along. And that’s not mentioning Pulp’s jaw-dropping performance of ‘Babies’, Florence and The Horrors’ sublime take on ‘Still Life’ and, erm, the rampant attempts to pull by certain guests presenters (here’s looking at you, Noel Fielding and Kasabian).

This year’s NME Awards were a total celebration of what music is, and what it should always be: bloody fun and completely out of control, and this week’s issue takes you right into the middle of the action, with full live reports, backstage antics and brand new interviews with all the big winners. Plus the greatest rumour ever, involving Meat Loaf, a banana and some XXL trousers full of his own shit. Amazing.

Also in this issue, Muse take NME into the studio for an update on their epic comeback album, we review Alex from Blur’s new book, and hang out with Russell Crowe at Alabama Shakes’ first ever UK show.

As well as all that, Maxim from The Prodigy sticks it to the Beastie Boys (“They used to have dildos onstage!”), Odd Future lift the lid on their insane new TV show (“You’re gonna see a lot of cat heads!”), and The Killers update us on their long-awaited new record (“It’s taken time to figure out what it means to be a band again”).

Plus all the important albums of the week reviewed and rated, the UK’s biggest and best gig guide and six amazing free awards posters!