NME Breakthrough Band Of The Day 2 – Moon Visionaries

NME Breakthrough is the breaking music community for artists and fans alike. A chance to interact, build fan networks, and get on NME’s Radar (as we check every new member’s profile). Every day we select our favourite act from Breakthrough, shining a light on this online grassroots happening…

Moon Visionaries describe themselves as writing, ‘indie-pop-walking-down-the-street-rock kind of songs’. This kind of sans-bullshit attitude is precisely what makes us smile about them. It’s the kind of unashamed, feel-good, glossy groove-pop that scores of ‘defiantly lo-fi’ bands probably wish they could muster, rather than having to hide their lack of choruses in lathering fuzz.

Breakthrough profile: music.nme.com/moon_visionaries