NME Breakthrough Band Of The Day 4 – Static Jacks

NME Breakthrough is the breaking music community for artists and fans alike. A chance to interact, build fan networks, and get on NME’s Radar (as we check every new members profile). Every day we select our favourite act from Breakthrough, shining a light on this online grassroots happening…

Static Jacks are one of our favourite Breakthrough finds so far. Hailing from the same New Jersey lawns that birthed Titus Andronicus, they’re one of these anglophile outfits that make better Brit-indie than most of our up-n-comers do. Think the typhoon energy of early Cribs with the heart-on-sleeve angst of early Get Up Kids.

Basement Jacks!!! Geddit!!!

Breakthrough profile: music.nme.com/the_static_jacks