Here’s your tea break entertainment – it’s the weekly NME crossword

Get your pens ready, your printer out the loft and the kettle on, as it's that time of week again: time for the legendary NME crossword! Compiled by crossword extraordinaire Trevor Hungerford, time to flex your musical knowledge and see how many clues you can solve.


Here are the answers to last week’s crossword.



1+8A She Bangs The Drums, 10 Close To Me, 12 Evil, 13+11A Hymn To Her, 14+21A Darling Buds, 16 Sundays, 19 I Can, 22 Islands, 23 Soho, 24 Eyes, 25+32A Etta James, 27 R.E.D. 29 MOR, 31 BBC, 34 Nero, 35 Hook, 37 Bono.


1 Secret Smile, 2 Emotional Rescue, 3 Amen, 4+21D Glory Box, 5+36A The End Has No End, 6 Editors, 7 Hush, 9 Shrug, 13 Hey, 15 Nadine, 17 Anna, 18 Sister, 20+32D Not A Job, 26 Tea, 28 Duck, 29 Mind, 30 Ash, 31 Ben, 33 Man.