Just in time for your tea break: here’s the weekly NME crossword

Remember the old NME crossword from the magazine? Well we've brought it back! And now every week you can feel all nostalgic as you flex your musical knowledge. Compiled, as always, by Trevor Hungerford, get your printer out the loft and sharpen your pencil, and let's see how many of the wickedly tricky clues you can solve.

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword. How many did you get?


1 Nightswimming, 9 Violet, 10 Daytona, 13+23D Urban Hymns, 15 That Day, 16+27D Uptown Girl, 18 Progress, 20 Heroes, 23 Hook, 24 Dive Deep, 26 Anger, 28 Milan, 30 Analine, 32 Specials, 33 Wave.



1 Never Stop, 2 Global A Go Go, 3 The Borders, 4+5D We Made You, 6+8D If You Wanna, 7 Goo, 11 Sway, 14 Bow, 17+12A There’s A Reason Why, 19 Side, 21 One, 22 Supreme, 25 I Ran, 26 Anti, 29 Lee, 31 Low.