Time to flex your musical knowledge: here’s the weekly NME crossword

Pop the kettle on and sharpen your pencil, as it's time for the weekly NME crossword. Compiled by crossword extraordinaire Trevor Hungerford, let's see how many of the devilishly tricky clues you can solve.

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword. How many did you get?



1+8A+9A You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 10+27D Sit Down, 11 Misery, 12 Shack, 14 Lodger, 17 Dog, 19 Bright, 21 Remedy, 24+13A Freda Payne, 25+28A Don’t Smile At Me, 27 DNA, 29 Mr DJ, 30 Hello, 32 Oi, 33 Ovo, 34+35A Your Song.


1 Yates, 2 Usher, 4 Try Try Try, 5 Louise, 6+3D Adam And The Ants, 7 Sitek, 8 Gambler, 15 Domino, 16 Ray, 18 Getaway, 20 Gift, 22 Destri, 23 Big Joe, 25 Dummy, 26 Echo, 29 MOR, 31 La’s.