Just in time for the weekend: here’s the legendary NME crossword

Remember in the magazine when we had a weekly crossword? Well now we do it online! So you can feel all nostalgic and test how much you actually know about music. Compiled by crossword legend Trevor Hungerford, print this off, take it down the pub and let's see how many of the devilishly tricky clues you can crack.

Crossword week 28

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword. How many did you get?



1 Beat Surrender, 9 Circles, 10 Lottery, 11 Tighten Up, 12+28A Union City Blue, 13 Bite, 14+26D Kiss With A Fist, 18 Arabella, 20 Pretty, 22 Killers, 24 Angela, 27 Bad, 29 Reni, 30 Mel, 31 Dare, 33 Suit.

1 Back To Black, 2 Alright, 3 Salute, 4 Rising, 5 Ellipsis, 6 Datsuns, 7+32A Reelin’ In The Years, 8+24D Ryan Adams, 15 Hay, 16 Kele, 17 Alps, 19 All Star, 21 Run, 23 Relay, 25 Girls, 27 Bega, 28 Cud.


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