Time to test your musical knowledge – here’s the legendary NME crossword

It's the end of another long week, which means it's time for the legendary NME crossword! Print it out, grab your biro and let's see how many of Trevor Hungerford's clues you can solve.

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword. How many did you get?



1 Enjoy The Silence, 9 The Runner, 11 Let Me Come Over, 14 Equals, 15 Hup, 18 Womb, 19 Surf, 20 Rio, 23 Kurt Vile, 24 Stream, 27 Berlin, 28+10A Good Times, 30 Green, 31 Sky, 32 Panic.


1 Eat Sleep Wake, 2 Joe Strummer, 3+17A You’re All I Have, 4 Hanson, 5 Street Life, 6+13D Let It Go, 7 No More Heroes, 8 Easy, 12 Vera, 13 E-Pro, 16 Outlines, 21 Avalon, 25 Magic, 26 Ugly,
27 Bar, 29 DOA.


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