NME Exclusive: Listen To The Coral’s Lost Album ‘The Curse Of Love’

All hail The Coral, who have obviously been hard at work digging down the back of their sofas: the Liverpool band’s ‘lost’ album, ‘The Curse Of Love’, was recorded eight years ago but is only set to be released on October 20. And, luckily for you, NME has an exclusive stream of the record so you can hear it in full a week ahead of its release – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the widget to give it a spin.

The LP will be released on the band’s own label Skeleton Key Records on October 20, and features 12 previously unreleased tracks that were recorded between 2005 album ‘The Invisible Invasion’ and 2007’s ‘Roots & Echoes’. The Coral, who formed in 1996 in Hoylake and released six studio albums between 2002 and 2010, have been operating as a five-piece since guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones left in 2008.

The tracklisting for ‘The Curse Of Love’ is as follows:

‘Curse Of Love (Part One)’
‘Wrapped In Blue’
‘You Closed The Door’
‘The Second Self’
‘View From The Mirror’
‘The Watcher In The Distance’
‘Willow Song’
‘The Golden Bough’
‘The Game’
‘Nine Times The Colour Red’
‘Curse Of Love (Part Two)’