The NME guide to celebrating Star Wars Day

From feeling the force to the Rogue One drinking game, here's how to celebrate May the 4th.

May the 4th be with you! Until the powers that be see sense and make today a public holiday, it’s up to us, young padawans, to find the Star Wars Day within us all. So tell your boss you need the afternoon off for “some much-need Greedo time” and join us in the perfect celebration of all things Jedi.

What to wear

Official Darth Vader and Boba Fett helmets are notoriously expensive – although if you’re in the US you can probably pick one up cheaper in one of the Star Wars Day discount offers, since this is basically Black Friday for Skywalkers – so we generally prefer to make our own Star Wars Day outfit. The old mum’s-bra-and-Danish-pastries-on-the-ears is a solid classic, but this year, why not buy a Theresa May mask and black cloak and transform into a very convincing Emperor. You might even want to stick an upside down bowl on a spacehopper to make your own BB-8.


Or you could check out our official Star Wars merch collection in the NME Store for a fashionable alternative and without breaking the bank.

What to watch

If you’ve got this far into this blog, let’s face it, you’ve already watched the first two trilogies more times than is strictly healthy for someone of your age. So forget the full Star Wars marathon and concentrate your Star Wars Day on nostalgic kitsch like episodes of the Ewoks 1980s cartoon, non-canon TV specials like the 1979 Holiday Special or 1984’s Caravan Of Courage, in which the ewoks appear to take on a giant Klingon. Or rewatch The Force Awakens and Rogue One, playing the Blatantly Nicked From A New Hope drinking game. So that’s one finger each time you spot 1) A young desert rebel with questionable parentage, 2) a cute droid, 3) an enormous floating killing machine with a minor, yet surprisingly heavily-defended, weak spot, 4) the death of a pivotal senior character and anything else in the following video.

What to drink


A finger of what, you ask? Aunt Beru’s blue milk, obviously. You can find a recipe for this wookiephile’s favourite here, but we’d suggest adding a hefty splosh of tequila to help you believe CGI Tarkin is real. To soak up the booze, we’d recommend any of the range of Star Wars foodstuffs you can find recipes for on, including Millennium Falcon ice-cream, ewok donuts, Takodana tacos and stormtrooper rice balls. What no chicken yoda masala?

What to do

Feel the force. Try covering your head with a bucket and swinging a strip light around to see what you can smash using only the power of your mind. Or try levitating a football from your knee multiple times in what the more advanced Jedi call the Art Of Keepeeyupi. You may want to help bring down an evil empire by doing a spot of campaigning for the Labour Party, or complete the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs, a parsec being one minute and the Kessel Run being Tinder. Or, if you’re super-serious about all this, go to a Jedi training class…