The NME No-Prize Pub Quiz – week two, and it’s a rollover

How will you do?

If you’re anything like us, then you probably while away the hours filling your heads with daft, diverting and largely useless musical trivia.

Until recently, this trivia acted only as as a means of repelling the opposite sex.

Now, however, you can put it to good use – by playing the NME Pub Quiz below.

The NME Pub Quiz is the pub quiz that doesn’t take place in a pub and fails to follow the rules and expectations of a good pub quiz. There is no bar. There is no pub. There is no sticky carpet. There are no teams. There’s just you and your knowledge of a week in the wild world of music news, so do feel free to BYOB, smoke indoors, spill on the carpet and smash up the pool table if you don’t win.

If you think you know your Ariana Grande from your Starbucks Venti and your Billie Eilish from your Billy Idol, now is the chance to prove it.

We’ll be putting it out at pints-o’-clock every Friday. Remember to share your score and challenge your pals (if you get a respectable one, that is). Same time next week?