NME Premiere: Kasabian’s Tom Meighan and Idris Elba’s ‘Luther’-Inspired Track – Listen Now

Your TV screen isn’t the only place you can enter the world of Luther this winter. The show’s star Idris Elba has made an album inspired by his time as detective John Luther called ‘Murdah Loves John’, roping in guests such as Wretch 32 and Shakka for the sinister, dark record.

Arguably his biggest coup on this album, though, is getting Kasabian‘s Tom Meighan to provide vocals on one track, ‘Sinner Man’. Though Meighan’s voice is utterly distinctive, this is worlds apart from anything he’s done with his usual musical partner Serge Pizzorno. “Tom came in and we know him with the band, but he came and did something completely separate,” says Elba in a video about the track below.

Over gloomy, rippling guitars that build into chugging, violent stomps, he sighs lines like “I wish there was another way, but these chains are to protect him” with enough fragile emotion to make you think he’s the world-weary cop in this collaboration.

“I don’t think he’s done much outside of Kasabian,” explains producer Fred Cox in the video below, before doing an excellent impression of the hyperactive frontman. “He brought it to life and put all these guitars in it. This is him coming into our world, but representing his.”

‘Murdah Loves John’ is Idris Elba’s second album, following last year’s ‘mi Mandela’. It is released on December 15 via 7Wallace.