NME Radar – Out With The Old, In With The New

Deathy clouds gather over Radar towers today, for it’s time for say goodbye to esteemed host/editor/blogger Jaimie Hodgson. That’s right, he’s moving on to annoy some other lucky bunch of office-folk.

Frankly I don’t know what the people who make the superfood salads at the Leon near us are gonna do now he’s not around to annoy them all day – pity them. In fact, Jaimie’s already gone, so you can’t even say bye to him. Sorry about that.

Anyroad, my name’s Matt Wilkinson and I’ll be looking after NME’s Radar section from now on. We’re going to be posting in the new music part of the site daily, tweeting from @NME_radar whenever the hell we feel like it and also – most importantly – striving to bring you the very best in new music as often as possible. It’s gonna be a blast, really.

As always, if you wanna get in touch with any tips then hit me up on Twitter or by using the comments box below.

So, to kick things off – who are you listening to right now? And what would you like see more/less of in the Radar section, both online and in the mag?

I’m rather enjoying Iceage, a bunch of Copenhagen skallies who look like The Coral but sound a bit like Crass. They toured the UK with Fucked Up recently and were pretty ace at their own London headline show too.