NME Song Stories: How Yannis From Foals Channelled “The Angry Peperami Guy” On ‘What Went Down’

If the whole band thing doesn’t work out, Foals frontman Yannis could always become the new Peperami man. In this exclusive NME Song Story, he explains how he became a bit of an animal during the recording of ‘What Went Down’: “I wanted to be songwriting version of the angry Peperami guy in the adverts.”

The song, which opens the album of the same name, was written at Foals’ tiny recording space in Oxford – the singer says the band could hardly all fit in there and the bruising riffs certainly sound like they’re about to break through walls. Check out the video, which Yannis explains how it all came together.

Foals are on tour next year. Perhaps take along a spicy sausage snack to pass to Yannis.