NME.COM’s New Metal Section – What Do You Want To See?

So you may have noticed, as you’re here already, that we recently launched a new part of NME.COM, which is dedicated to all things LOUD. All kinds of metal and heavy rock are in, from prog to thrash to death to black to extreme, goth and doom – anything goes as long as it’s a little too hectic for the rest of the site.

With news, photos, videos, reviews and now this here blog for regular columns and discussion, it’s a one-stop-online-shop for fans of the noisier end of the spectrum.


We’ve already brought you video interviews and walk-ons with all the main acts at Sonisphere and Download including Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Deftones, Slash and more plus world exclusive album playbacks from Stone Sour and Alter Bridge.

We want to know though – what else would you like to see up here? Which bands should we be covering? Or shouldn’t? This part of the site is new, it’s expanding, and it’s yours. So let us know.