NME’S Top 50 Remixes – What Are Yours?

NME’s best ever remixes as a Spotify playlist

Few techniques yield as wide a range of results as remixing. The ‘artform’, from its early days in musique concrète and Jamaican dancehall right up to the present day, has added countless classics to the vaults of recorded music as well as more than enough duds.

Remixing nowadays, if the Grammy Awards are to believed, has reached a zenith with French chart-hogger David Guetta, the recipient of the last two gongs for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. Of course he wouldn’t know a good remix if it bit him on his gallic ass – the best re-edits of the last few years have come instead from the worlds of dubstep, witch house, disco and electro, from the likes of Skream, Soulwax, and Salem, Boy 8-Bit, Aeroplane, Disco Bloodbath, DFA and Erol Alkan.

In fact Guetta represents the lowest common denominator remix, the cash-in quick fiddle on a track, and sits in a vast vat of mediocrity that would make even Jive Bunny turn in his grave. Anyway, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites into a Top 50 (see the full list online now), but what are yours?

Whether they merely add a gloss, vocal or BPM the original never knew it needed, or completely reconstruct the track from the ground up, what are the best remixes ever? And, while we’re at it, the worst?

Sadly, this doesn’t really count.

NME’s Top 50 Remixes