No Direction Home – Which Musician Should Be The Voice Of Sat-Nav?

Would you want Bob Dylan to be the voice of your in-car GPS? The veteran singer-songwriter has apparently been “in talks” with car companies, and is keen to make it happen.

I’m not convinced it would work – Dylan’s voice is so raspy and dessicated these days there’s always the danger you’d fail to recognise it when it kicked in, and simply assume there was a wasp trapped in your air intake.

Bruce Springsteen might be a more stentorian option, although he’d probably insist on pointing out steel mills and smoke stacks, and banging on about the New Jersey Turnpike – even if you were locked in a tailback on the M40.

Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha would at least be more to-the-point (although given his politics he’d advise you to keep to the left at all times). Plus, if you started nodding off at the wheel he could always bellow “WAAAKE UUUP!” repeatedly, like in the song.

For sheer vocal silkiness you might want an R&B crooner, such as R Kelly – although if you were a woman of a certain age he’d probably insist on directing you back to his place, which could be tiresome.

Perhaps you’d be better off taking the indie option and selecting Damon Albarn, who would tell when you’ve reached your destination by explaining, in a cracked whisper, that you’ve got no distance left to run.

Who else?