No one loves Rihanna as much as this Brazilian parrot

In recent instances of Things being unexpectedly similar to Other Things, we’ve had the horse that looks like Anthony Kiedis; we’ve had the monkey that looks like Lord Voldemort; we’ve even had the shovel that sounds like Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. But a Brazilian parrot that sounds frighteningly like Rihanna? That’s just taking the piss, now. That’s just ludicrous. Or… or is it?

Yes, this is the news that a Portuguese-speaking popinjay from south America is a massive fan of the Barbadian superstar Rihanna – whose 29th birthday it is today (February 20). Over the past few days, this exotic lusophone has become a veritable internet phenomenon thanks to its hefty set of pipes, which it uses to sing (a loose term) the banging 2013 Eminem/Rihanna collab ‘The Monster’. It’s exclusively this song, too – no other Rihanna song will do for this feathery fan. According to this parrot, ‘The Monster’ is the only Rihanna song worth singing, ever – and because this is its go-to karaoke song, it nails it. Compare it to the real thing underneath the clip below.

Rihanna fans are, understandably, rather upset by this development, because it turns out that a bird is more talented and dedicated than them:

In the glare of this parrot’s fandom, can anyone else really call themselves a real Rihanna fan?