Does Noel Gallagher’s new single sound like ‘She Bangs’? Some fans think so

Gallagher fans, it’s a good time to be alive. Hot on the heels of Liam’s debut solo album ‘As You Were’, big brother Noel Gallagher has stepped back into the ring with the first single from his upcoming third album. ‘Holy Mountain’, which features a bit of Paul Weller in the background, is the reinvention he promised, a bombastic slice of glam-rock.

For some, ‘Holy Mountain’ is an absolute hit.


A few are hearing big Vaccines-vibes on this one. We are too.


And, er, some reckon it sounds a bit like Ricky Martin’s ‘00s hit, ‘She Bangs’.

Some fans have been left utterly disappointed, mind.

It’s a pretty big departure for The Chief, so not a complete surprise that it may take a bit of times for it to win some fans around.

But ultimately, there’s a lot of comparisons between the two brothers, considering that they’ve both released new music in quick succession – and opinion is split. This lot reckon that Noel has completely stolen Liam’s limelight.

There’s a fair few that reckon it doens’t match Liam’s new stuff though.