Noel Gallagher vs Skateboarders, Round 2: The Skaters Hit Back

Noel Gallagher, Portugal, 2015: “Skateboarding’s for fucking little idiots. Skateboarders can, quite frankly, go fuck themselves. I’ve never seen a skateboarder ever, in the streets, in the entire world try and do something and not fall off. What the fuck is that all about?”

This is the quote from the Mighty I that’s pissed off the entire skating community. As if the fact it took a full eight months for Noel’s attack to come to light wasn’t funny enough (he’d uttered it in an interview with action sports channel Fuel TV during the Super Bock Super Rock 2015 festival) then the ex-Oasis man’s Instagram response to pro-skater Alex Olson calling him out was pure rock star professionalism at its rib-tickling best.

“Don’t throw stones in a glass house, Liam,” Olson had written, purposefully getting the two Gallagher brothers mixed up. He added: “If you wanna talk about falling off, let’s talk about that career of yours?”

Harsh, but Noel responded in typically brash fashion, posting a series of pictures making his feelings on the skating community crystal clear:


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Now though, it seems as if the skaters are fighting back. This video showing their response was posted by NOTE – “Manchester’s Premiere Skateboarding Shop”. Rather handily for them, NOTE is on the corner of Thomas Street, directly opposite Oi Polloi, which is pretty much Noel’s favourite clothing shop.

Will he ever be able to go in again without being circled menacingly by baseball capped kids doing kickflips? On this evidence it seems unlikely.