Noel & Liam’s Wibbling Rivalry – Who’s In The Right?

The neverending Gallagher saga heads to the courts this week with the news that Liam’s suing Noel over comments he made about the demise of Oasis. As reported (via us and on The Sun’s front page no less), he’s filed court action over the recent press conference in which Noel blamed Liam’s “hangover” for their no show at V 2009 in Chelmsford.

Liam feels that his brother’s comments “have gone way beyond rock n’ roll banter” and “questioned his professionalism”, and demands a public apology.


It’s not the first time the pair have fallen out over LG’s rock antics allegedly getting in the way of the band’s schedule, and it reminded us of 1994, and John Harris’ infamous Wibbling Rivalry interview for NME, in which Noel berates his brother for getting arrested on a ferry on the way to a gig, and for celebrating the incident as rock n’ roll.

During the highly-charged chat Noel tells his brother: “If you’re proud of getting thrown off ferries, then why don’t you go and support West Ham? Get the fuck out of my band, and go and be a football hooligan” before revealing his frustration at not being able to play: “I’m left in Amsterdam, with my dick out, like a spare prick at a wedding.”

Here’s the crux of it animated and the full thing below.

The Wibbling Rivalry interview was released as a single on Fierce Panda in 1995 and remains the highest charting interview release.

So who’s in the right here? And where do you think the tale of the brothers Gallagher is going next?

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