NOFX – Exclusive Video Interview

So with yesterday’s Green Day argument getting everyone in a tizzy, we figured it was an apposite time to talk to a punk band who’s been killing it for 25 years and who are still just as relevant, insightful, funny and downright crucial as ever.

So here we are… an exclusive 20-something minute video interview with NOFX [Ed’s note: I saw NOFX in London last week and they were astonishingly good; for a band who’ve been going that long to still be able to put on a show, be entertaining and keep hings interesting enough between old and new material is pretty inspiring. Maybe if cocking Green Day hadn’t disappeared up their own arses they’d still have a bit of respect left, rather than just mountains of empty dollars. But anyway, enough of this – Ben].

Led by the one and only, graceful tour manager Kent (if you don’t know who I’m on about, watch ‘Backstage Passport’… seriously, he’s a mess) into a backstage hospital-walled portacabin, I interrupted Fat Mike during his dinner at Groezrock festival ‘09 to have an on-camera – and rather sober – chat.

Fatty himself and El Hefe shot the shit and revealed all about the new record ‘Coaster’, the band’s new tour documentary DVD ‘Backstage Passport’, and the music industry.

Here’s part two:

What are your views on ‘Coaster’? Have you got the album on physical format or did you download it?