Noisettes – On Tour With Maximo Park

Hi, I’m Jamie from Noisettes, and we’re going to be blogging for NME while we’re on tour with Maximo Park. Here goes!


Day One: May 14, Newcastle Academy: 4:37pm

We flew in from New York City last night. It was a long drive from London to the Tyne – all in all it took 22 hours and 36 minutes to get from our hotel in NY to our hotel in Newcastle. I was very happy that I managed to keep my PJ’s on all the way from NYC – I was getting funny looks everywhere, but It was worth it.

I’ve just enjoyed a bowl of soup with my fellow drummer, Mr Tom English from Maximo Park. Amongst other other things, we discussed Brian Eno and how amazing he is. They are really excited to be on tour and so are we, so it should be fun…

I am currently listening to ‘X Ray’ by The Maccabees – I love them so much….I also heard a new Florence And The Machine tune which was insanely good. Some people say music is dead in England but I disagree – there’s so much amazing stuff out there. I am going to wander around this beautiful city…I will be back to let you know how the show went.

Day one: 21:48pm

I’m back! We just literally got offstage – it was a brilliant show, lots of fun. Here’s our set list:

‘Wild Young Hearts’
‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’
‘Never Forget You’
‘Don’t Give Up’
‘Saturday Night’

I’m off to watch Maximo Park now – we love you Newcastle…As the tour goes by I will have pictures and videos for you all to enjoy.

Bye for now,