Noisettes – Taking The Show To The Bar

Day 3: Glasgow Academy: May 15/3.00pm


It’s raining here, it’s also dark and only 3 a clock in the afternoon, last night’s show was amazing.Shingai sang Atticus from on top of the bar in the middle of the venue (the faces of the girls in front of her were priceless).


Today we went to a small village in the Scottish borders and had lunch, they wanted us to stay and play a show in there pub, I wish we could of in a way. Shingai disappeared for ages and on her return she somehow acquired a massive old looking wooden basket, something that I imagine Indiana Jones would of kept snakes in.

Tonight’s show was weird, there seemed to be a cold breeze blowing through the venue and every so often a loud bass note would ring out and ruin the vibe, I saw Maximo Park have the same problem, good show though.


After I went to my hotel and watched Ewan Mcgregor and Eminem on Jonathan Ross and drank red wine…Liverpool tomorrow, I hope the sun shines.