North Atlantic Oscillation – Cell Count – Free MP3

Normally I approach overtly highbrow clever-clever musical projects with a mixture of trepidation and disdain; while I veer nearer the Gyratory System end of the dumb/clever scale than, say, The Enemy, you can take it too far. So hearing about a group called North Atlantic Oscillation (something about fluctuations in atmospheric pressure near Iceland) who bonded over “unusual time signatures and Squarepusher” rings alarm bells immediately and conjures images of three gimpy musicologists in a dank basement mapping the Ordinance Survey coordinates of their first gigs onto a Tenori-On.


Luckily, this Edinburgh-based threesome are nothing of the sort. Rather they use their programming know-how to summon a variety of excellent ethereal digital pop tunes. Behold the magic…

Download North Atlantic Oscillation‘s Cell Count here
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